Turn Me On

Turn Me On
โดย นีโน่ สุวรรณี สาระบุตร
จัดแสดงที่ Rotunda & Garden Gallery and Cafe


Celebrating the art of the human body in a playful way – ‘Turn Me On’ invites viewers to re-examine themselves and ‘have fun with bums’. Challenge yourself and discover how you feel when confronted with many illuminated, beautiful naked bums.

The bums, in porcelain and stoneware, have been built by hand, fired to the high heat of 1,230 – 1,280 degrees Celsius. They are highly resistant to shy or brash stares, hot or cold touches, polite or direct critique, sexy or loving emotions. So try turning them on and no matter how you feel when seeing or touching them, ask yourself: Are You Turned On?

‘Turn Me On’ is a bum shape ceramic light installation. Individually hand-built stoneware or porcelain with different finishes, glazed, unglazed or textured. Each bum gives out different light and brightness depending on the material, thickness, texture, glaze, light source and light exit.

6 มีนาคม 2010 เวลา 18:30 น.
30 มีนาคม 2010 เวลา 18:00 น.
Rotunda & Garden Gallery, Neilson Hays Library
195 Surawong road
Bangkok, Thailand

นีโน่ สาระบุตร ศิลปินเซรามิก เจ้าของนิทรรศการ “Turn Me On”  ครั้งนี้




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